Social Networking : Past, Present And Future


Social Networking Past Present and Future

The first Social Networking site created was Geocities. It allowed users to connect and customise their own site page, grouping them into different cities based on the site’s content.Social Networking started with BBS (short form for Bulletin Board System)AOL ( America Online) and Six Degrees. Com was launched in 1997 . It is also termed as the internet before the internet. Its members created ‘Profiles’ in which users would list pertinent details about themselves.Social Networking will become more pervasive in the future. As our social graphs become more portable social networking will become a feature in everthing we do. It can also be seen that the third party tools will embed social features in websites. One thing that is obvious is that while many websites want to Facebook Connect logins to know more about you, they don’t really know what to do with you once they have that information. The world is a fast changing place but more than that the technology that defines the speed is gaining velocity at an unimaginable speed. The only way to sustain in this is to go with the flow otherwise it won’t be long when w’ll have no idea about how we were left out. It is not that only having big idea that make us capable to make good amount of money in this world of Social Networking but it is the smartness that allowed 22 year old Mark Zukerberg to overcome a 75 year old proud owner of MySpace.