My first trip to the US

IST 720
IST 720

The itinerary started from Mumbai, just a few hundred kilometers from my home town. The flight was in the morning like at 6:45, phew , but we did managed coz we did not sleep the whole night. We started from my in laws house then went to my maternal place and picked my parents. From there we were up  giggling and cracking jokes the whole night. It was one of the best night with both my families. When we arrived at the airport, I was a little emotional but had to show tough otherwise my mom would have shown the premier of the new Beti Challi Videsh tv soap :D.


On our way Home

The first thing that you notice about the States is that everything is so HUGE !!
The journey was the longest in my living live but I loved it.


And it starts to snow
My Home



That small door on the left is the entrance to our home. It is one the best thing that has happened to me. I am now married and have moved here with my husband. Oh my god that is huge isn’t it

The very next day we arrived it started snowing. I take that as a lucky thing. I have had never seen snow in my live and I got to on the second day of my new life. From the place I have come is totally a different story. But I do remember the famous saying; things dont change ,you change your way of looking at it.Really feeling lucky .