The Three ‘C’s

“There are 3 people you need to be aware of and beware of….  The 3 C’s” *

Confidant: These people are for, “YOU” they are with “YOU”. They are the ones who are responsible for leading you to your destiny.  They will challenge you, confront you, rejoice with you weep with you…They will be there through it all good or bad, they will mentor you to reach your full potential. These people are far and few between.  If you have found one…or one has found you, you are so very fortunate.  Remember, become who you want in your life. You will know if you have a real confidant when you share exciting news, they will rejoice with you, they will weep with you when you are in pain, but also they will help you get going again.  If you don’t feel genuine excitement and true emotion, beware, they are one of the other 2 below.

Constituents: These people are “For” what you are “For”.  As long as you are for what they are for, they will walk with you, work with you, be there for what you are for.  You must know this, become aware of this, because if they meet somebody else, that will further their agenda(s) they will leave you and be with somebody else to further their agenda.  You must be careful not to mistake yourconstituents for your confidants.  This can happen quite easily when you are down and out.  You can truly believe you have a confidant when you were in fact too blind to see, because your emotions were unstable and human needs irrationally took over.  If you can at least recognize you are in a vulnerable state, take it easy on what you choose to disclose.  When you tell these people your dream they are the types that will leave you to go and carry out your dream.

Comrades:  These people are “Against” what you are “Against”.  They will be there for the battle, right by your side, these people are like scaffolding.  They will team up with you to help fight. They will only to be with you to fight what you are against, but when the battle is over they will leave…. but like scaffolding that is erected around the building when it is removed, the building, the strong new structure still remains. That represents the strength you have gained; a new phase in your life’s path that you now feel more certain about.  These people have come into your life to complete a purpose.  If you tell these people your dream, they will not support you, because they were never for YOU to begin with.

Expect the constituents and the comrades to desert you after a while, because they were never for “you” anyway.  Just beware who you do share your dream with.  Trust lies embedded in this process.  Trusting your analysis, intuition and not wishing on the hope that he or she might change. See it as it is and not any worse.  Then you to0 can make for a more peaceful life.

Do not waste another minute beating yourself up when you feel disappointed or someone falls out of your life.  Stop and think about what you just read and take control of your life and don’t take it personally how some of these types of people behave.  You will have the wisdom now to know and understand the difference.  Whatever the reason or season these types show up in your life, be sure now to make the most out of it.  You will almost be able to predict when their time is done. We need all types in this world, but a more certain, more stable and confident you is what the world needs most.

If you have any further questions or need examples feel free to write.

~Is the closest person in your life a confidant?~

*(an adaptation of TD Jakes)




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